1. Sitting All Day Can Be A Real Pain

    Dear Back Pain Relief Superstar, I work on a computer all day and have really started to feel some pain in my lower back. I shift around a lot in my chair and try mix it up with how I am sitting because I get uncomfortable if I sit too long a certain way. Unfortunately, I am sitting the entire day except when I go on break and take lunch. Do you have any suggestions to prevent further back trouble…Read More

  2. Warming Up To Prevent Back Pain

    Thank you for checking back in on our The Joint at The Riverside Plaza blog and reading about affordable chiropractic care at The Joint. We love hearing from our public and clientele. Here’s another question for our chiropractic advice column. Dear Back Pain Relief Expert, I am starting a workout regimen with a couple of friends of mine that work out more than I do. Since you work with a team of…Read More

  3. Advice For Back Pain Relief

    Welcome to the blog for The Joint at The Riverside Plaza. We are very happy that you are here to check out the latest happenings about affordable chiropractic care at The Joint. We love to hear from our public and existing clientele alike. We always take time to address back pain relief questions written to our chiropractor advice column. Here is a great question posed to our column recently. Dear…Read More