1. Our Chiropractor Will Put You To Sleep, er, Help You Sleep Better

    Thank you for checking back on our chiropractic care blog here at The Joint at The Riverside Plaza. We have the chiropractor that will help you support your spinal column with habits that keep it in alignment. It is all too common for people to make a simple mistake that causes them to get out of alignment.  In our last post, we started a discussion on good chiropractic sleeping habits to provide…Read More

  2. Finding Back Pain Relief In Your Sleep

    Our chiropractic care blog welcomes you back to The Joint at The Riverside Plaza. Thank you for checking out the latest happenings about our affordable chiropractic care at The Joint. Your spinal column is comprised of 24 independent vertebrae, which allows the back to do its thing by bending, turning, twisting, and making all the movements that we rely on in our daily lives. Thus, you probably wo…Read More