Thank you for checking back on our chiropractic care blog here at The Joint at The Riverside Plaza. We have the chiropractor that will help you support your spinal column with habits that keep it in alignment. It is all too common for people to make a simple mistake that causes them to get out of alignment.  In our last post, we started a discussion on good chiropractic sleeping habits to provide back pain relief. This is apparently a very popular topic because we have several questions about good sleeping practices.

Dear Back Pain Relief Experts,

Thank you so much for your post about positive sleeping habits. I too wake up with back discomfort and the pillow under my knees provided me some relief. Is there anything else I can do to experience further back pain relief? I feel like I may have several factors contributing to my back stiffness.

Thank you for your time and expertise,

Sleepless on the Santa Ana


Dear Sleepless,

Thank you for writing our chiropractic care blog to ask about sleep habits that promote back pain relief. There are a few other things we can tell you about that we did not have the space for last time. First, back pain derives from your spine being out of alignment. A firm mattress is important to spinal support. If you do not have a firm mattress, get one as soon as you can. In the meantime, you can support your current mattress with a plywood board between the box spring and the mattress. Try to get at least a ¾ “ thickness. Also, once you are in bed, avoid sleeping with your arms “above” your head. Your arms need to be relaxed by your side.

Thank you for writing into our blog to ask your question. We sure hope this helps bring more back pain relief.


The Joint