Our chiropractic care blog welcomes you back to The Joint at The Riverside Plaza. Thank you for checking out the latest happenings about our affordable chiropractic care at The Joint. Your spinal column is comprised of 24 independent vertebrae, which allows the back to do its thing by bending, turning, twisting, and making all the movements that we rely on in our daily lives. Thus, you probably would not be surprised that it is pretty common for people of all activity levels can get their spine misaligned. When you have a misalignment, or what chiropractors call a subluxation, we can help you feel better and stay active.

We love to hear from our Riverside public so we know what issues in chiropractic care are on your mind. We always take the time to answer questions about back pain relief questions for our advice column. Here is a recent question posed to our column.

Dear Back Pain Relief Experts,

I am having some issues sleeping at night and will sometimes wake up with a sore back from doing nothing more than sleeping. I go to sleep on my side but will sometimes wake up on my stomach. I can especially feel it in my lower back. My back pain usually goes away throughout the course of the day. However, it makes the beginning of my day difficult to get through when I start out with a back ache. Do you have any advice for me and my aching back?

Thank you for your help,

Rough Sleeper in Riverside


Dear Rough Sleeper,

Thank you for writing in to the blog. There are definitely things you can do in your sleep that can cause a misalignment. While you should try to avoid sleeping on your stomach, you can definitely help your alignment by placing a pillow between your knees. If you ever sleep on your back, place the pillow under you slightly bent knees. This will help ease the pressure on your spine.

Thank you for writing into our advice column.


The Joint