Dear Back Pain Relief Superstar,

I work on a computer all day and have really started to feel some pain in my lower back. I shift around a lot in my chair and try mix it up with how I am sitting because I get uncomfortable if I sit too long a certain way. Unfortunately, I am sitting the entire day except when I go on break and take lunch. Do you have any suggestions to prevent further back troubles and start experiencing back pain relief? Would a chiropractic adjustment help?


Squirming In My Chair


Dear Squirming,

While I can not tell you if you absolutely need a chiropractic adjustment just from your letter, I can tell you that you would benefit from one.

  • Sit all the way back in your chair so your spine can be supported fully by the back of the chair;
  • Use a small foot rest or something that will allow you to keep your knees slightly above the plane your hips;
  • Change your sitting position often, but try not to compromise the support for your spine.
  • Get up and move around frequently and work the large muscles in your legs to get circulation going.
  • Get in and out of your chair with back straight–do not slouch your shoulders forward over your toes.

These tips will also help your day go faster too! Thank you for sending in your excellent questions.

Happy Workouts,

The Joint

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