Thank you for checking back in on our The Joint at The Riverside Plaza blog and reading about affordable chiropractic care at The Joint. We love hearing from our public and clientele. Here’s another question for our chiropractic advice column.

Dear Back Pain Relief Expert,

I am starting a workout regimen with a couple of friends of mine that work out more than I do. Since you work with a team of licensed chiropractors, I figured you would know the answer to my questions that relate to chiropractic care. I am afraid they will want me to go a little faster than I am used to. I have heard stories of people who tried to do too much too soon and ended up hurting themselves. The reason for my concern is that my back has been a little sore lately, so I’m worried about hurting it if I do not go slowly on my warm-up. Do you have some tips I can utilize for warming up appropriately?

Thank you in advance,

Warming Up Across The Riverside Freeway


Dear Warming Up,

First of all, congrats on getting out there and wanting a better life for yourself. Now, let’s make sure your workout goes as planned. You are right, you can really hurt your back and many other things if you do not take the right approach on your warm-up. Remember a little every day is better than a lot all at once, so go slow. When you start exercising at a slower level, you give your muscles time to “warm up”. Do not let your friends push you into exercising more than what you can do comfortably. Listen to your body. One thing we encourage people to do when warming up before exercising is to lightly swing your arms or a racket/golf club/bat around in different positions. It is best to slowly work your way up to your full range of motion.

We hope that helps with your new workouts! Thank you for participating in our back pain relief column.

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Happy Warmups,

The Joint