Welcome back to the blog for The Joint at The Riverside Plaza. Thank you for reading about the affordable chiropractic care that is available at The Joint. As you know from reading our blog, we encourage our public and clientele to write in with questions about chiropractic care and back pain relief. Here’s another question for our chiropractic advice column.

Dear Back Pain Relief Specialist,

My husband and I are a truck drivers. We both drive the same cab extensively each day. We have the beaded seat cover that helps with comfort and circulation but our lower backs are starting to become uncomfortable. Is there anything we can do either while we are driving or otherwise for back pain relief?


Driven To Relieve Back Pain


Dear Driven,

I am glad to hear that you have a seat cover that is comfortable. Here’s a couple of other things you can do to prevent back pain. The first one is while you are driving, while the second one deals with taking a break.

  • Use a small cushion between the back of the seat and your lower back to ease the pressure on your lower back.
  • You and your hubby are probably in the cab on long drives so make sure you make frequent stops to get out, stretch, and get the blood circulating all over your body again. Every couple of hours, you should do a hundred jumping jacks. If you can not do 100, do what you can comfortably and work up to it. This will help your cardiovascularly, as well.

Thank you for sending in your outstanding question. Frequent driving is a common source of back pain.

Happy Driving,

The Joint

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