Welcome to the blog for The Joint at The Riverside Plaza. We are very happy that you are here to check out the latest happenings about affordable chiropractic care at The Joint. We love to hear from our public and existing clientele alike. We always take time to address back pain relief questions written to our chiropractor advice column. Here is a great question posed to our column recently.

Dear Back Pain Relief Specialist,

My husband recently hurt his back standing up because he bends forward to “get momentum.” He won’t listen to me, but maybe you can help him stand up correctly so he does not continue to experience this back pain.

Please help us,

Need Pain Relief In Riverside

Dear Pain Relief,

You would not believe the number of Americans that hurt themselves every day just by getting out of bed or out of a chair. we can absolutely help your husband avoid further trouble with some helpful tips from our chiropractor.

To get out of bed:

  1. Turn to your side that is not sore and bring your knees up to 90 degrees;
  2. Push yourself up (with your top hand) to a sitting position until you can place your feet on the floor;
  3. When you stand up, do not lung your shoulders forward in an effort to create momentum.
  4. To stand up out of bed, or a chair for that matter, stand straight up by keeping the back straight and vertical.
  5. When you sit in a chair, you should move your hips all the way back to support your spine.

Thank you for writing into our back pain relief column.

If any other readers would like to pose a question to our back pain relief column or schedule an affordable chiropractic appointment, simply contact us here.

Happy Standing,

The Joint